from New Century Products

The Zimbelstern / Glockenstern you have selected runs on 12vdc. An optional reversible relay may have been provided so you can activate the instruments with a momentary contact switch.

If you use a latching toe-stud, draw knob, or toggle switch, and you do not need the 'general cancel' feature, then you do not need the reversible relay. Simply send 12vdc to the motor through your latching switch.

Most organs supply a "12v" signal that is actually 15vdc or more. For that reason, a voltage regulator is mounted directly on top of the motor. Simply connect a signal between 13.5 and 20vdc to the red wire, and connect the black wire to ground. If you have a stable voltage source between 12 and 13.5vdc, clip off the voltage regulator and connect directly to the leads on the motor.

Warning: If you wire up the voltage regulator in reverse polarity, you will instantly destroy it. Deities may purchase replacements. Human beings will receive one replacement on request - no questions asked.

Before hanging the bells, you can set the instrument on its side to access the wires in the base. To reduce the risk of damage to a pedestal model, place it in its shipping box, upside down on top of the spacer box.

If you use the reversing relay, you will need to provide three or four wires to control the instrument: 1) Positive line. 2) Negative line (ground). 3) Line from momentary contact button. 4) (optional) Line from general cancel button. Connect these wires directly to the Reversing Relay circuit board as shown:





New Century Products provides a wire set option consisting of a latching push-button switch on a 20ft. cord, or a radio controlled switch. When used on a 12vdc motor, these options work in conjunction with a low voltage power supply that connects to a standard 110vac electrical outlet.

When the wire set is used, the relay is not needed, but the relay can be purchased separately if needed to connect the instrument to the organ permanently at some later date.