12vdc Motor with 110vac Converter
from New Century Products

The Zimbelstern / Glockenstern you have selected runs on 12vdc. If you have a switched source of 110vac, you can add only the 110vac converter.

In addition, you can purchase a wire set option consisting of a latching push-button switch on a 20ft. cord.

The radio controlled switch is no longer sold by New Century Products. Look for these items at the hardware store during the holidays. When using the Radio Remote, plug the Radio Receiver into a standard 110vac wall outlet, and plug the 110vac to 12vdc converter into the Radio Receiver.

If some day you decide to wire this instrument directly to the organ, be aware that most organs supply a "12v" signal that is actually 15vdc or more. For that reason, a voltage regulator will be provided by us upon request. If you have a stable voltage source between 12 and 13.5vdc, you do not need the voltage regulator.

To access the motor for re-wiring, remove the bells and set the instrument on its side. To reduce the risk of damage to a pedestal model, place it in its shipping box, upside down on top of the spacer box.

Do not solder directly to the lugs on the motor as internal damage is likely. Use a remnant of the wire that is already soldered on.