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The Zimbelstern and Glockenstern from New Century Products run on 110 vac. A 12vdc relay (150 ohm coil) is provided so you can activate the instruments with the low voltage power typically used in organ consoles. The relay requires a constant voltage to keep the instrument on. Therefore you will need a latching toe-stud, draw knob, or toggle switch. If you want to control the instrument from a momentary switch, , a latching relay can be purchased separately.

Before hanging the bells, you can set the instrument on its side and remove the lid from the electrical junction box in the base. To reduce the risk of damage to a pedestal model, place it in its shipping box, upside down on top of the spacer box.

In the junction box, you will find the relay. For your convenience, short wires are attached to the relay so you can connect power and control wires with wire nuts. There are four wires in the junction box. The two black wires activate the relay. The two white wires activate the motor.

You will need to check local electrical codes to determine the proper way to get 110vac current to the white wires. (Some cities require conduit, others require romex).

Electronic organs generally use a filtered source of electrical power. If your Zimbelstern or Glockenstern is not also powered from the same source of filtered power, a "pop" sound may be heard when the instrument is turned on or off. This is generally fixed by placing a .1mfd capacitor across the power (white) wires.



New Century Products provides a wire set option consisting of a reversible push-button switch mounted in a 2" square block of marble on a 20ft. cord, and a standard 110vac plug on a 10ft. cord.

When the wire set is used, the relay is not needed, but the relay is still provided in case the buyer wants the instrument connected to the organ permanently at some later date.



Remove the push-button and plug wire set.

If you have your own switched source of 110vac, connect it in place of the previous wire set.

If you wish to activate the instrument with the low voltage signal from the organ console, you must slide the white wire off of tab 1 and push it on to tab 3.

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